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This Veterans Day, we worked with the Town of Wake Forest, some local veterans groups, and the Wake Forest Fire Department to honor those who serve and who have served in our military. Our hope was to create a fun, family-friendly event.

The Wake Forest High School JROTC volunteered their time to post and retire the colors during the ceremony. We also were fortunate to have Rich Heroux (Retired Full Colonel, American Legion, VFW, and Purple Heart Foundation) speak about the importance of flag etiquette. Another highlight of the sunset ceremony was the readings of poems and essays written by local students about “Why Veterans Are Special”!


Veterans Red, White, Blue
Written by Jaila, 4th Grade

F     Fought for our freedom     Red, White, Blue
R     Raising our flag when we win     Red, White, Blue
E     Excellent example for kids     Red, White, Blue
E     Energy for battle to save     Red, White, Blue
D     Dead soldiers are celebrated     Red, White, Blue
O     Offer your lives for us to love     Red, White, Blue
M     Moved our hearts when you come home     Red, White Blue

In Honor Of Our Veterans
Written by Ty, 6th Grade

Each and every day, men and women join the military to serve our country.  In November, we all pause, reflect, and honor those who are serving and who have served in the military.  They are family that was fighting to protect their loved ones and family.  Each veteran has risked his or her life to save our country, one man trying to make a difference in a world with over six billion people in it.  Some of the veterans may not have known what they were getting themselves into; they might have figured that since they are from America that they would only be in enemy territory for a short time and would be home in a few weeks.  Others saw what the wars had done to the people before them and still chose to go into battle.  Many soldiers have been wounded in battles and some of the ones who made it through, still wished to go back and fight for their country.  Either way, if the person new what he or she was getting themselves into or not, it still took a great deal of courage to face the hardships of the training before hand and then to go into battle for their country.

To me, veterans are special because they are like a family that is trying to protect their home and other family members.  When they first get back home and see their family, he or she knew they made the right choice to go protect their loved ones!  When I looked up veterans in the dictionary, it states that a veteran is a person who has served in a military force, especially one who has fought in war.  I am only in 6th grade, but I know in my heart that my dad did everything to protect his family.  A veteran is more than a family member, but a hero.



Veterans Day Writing Contest
Written by Cameron, 3rd Grade

Our veterans are special people.  They volunteer for jobs we can’t image doing!  One veteran that was very special to me was Lt. Commander William G. Stringfellow – my Grandpa.  He joined the Navy in 1970.  He soon became a member of the submarine force.

Grandpa would serve on submarines for 2 months at a time never seeing the light of day.  He worked on a submarine called the U.S.S. Parched which was a highly decorated submarine in the U.S. Navy.  While serving in the Navy, Grandpa won the Presidential Unit Citation 3 times!!  This is a very special honor.  My family is very proud of him.  He passed away in January, 2013.  We miss you Grandpa and we are very proud you are a veteran!!  Thank you for keeping us safe!!

Veterans Day Makes My Day
Written by Emma, 5th Grade

Veterans Day is a time to take pride and honor of the people who served to go fight in wars.  Those wars are saving lives.  If you see a Marine or some one in the Army, maybe you should walk up to them and salute him or her because that is the respect that they deserve. Why do you ask?  Well, they train really hard then go out to the field and risk their lives to save us.  That is why.  We need them, we should respect them, without them who would be fighting our wars for us?  We celebrate Veterans Day to honor those who serve for the U.S.

Written by Seth, 4th Grade

You, are my friend.
You, are my family.
You, are my savior.
You, are my soul.
You, lost your life.
You, are here for me.
You, love all of us.
You, do all we need.
You, are red white and blue.
You, we thank you, You are so brave and strong.
You, are our veterans.
You, are loved so much.
You, did service to save us.
You, we dearly care about you.
You, we proudly honor.
You, deserve love from me to you.
You, mean so much to us.
You, are our soldiers.
You, are flyers with great color.
You, are a mark that is never erased.
You, are so special.
You, saved me and all.
You, stand in harms way.
You, go to war in terrible places.
You, save the whole country.
You, are remembered even those who passed.
And You, are such a star on our flag.