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The Joel Fund improves the lives of veterans and their families by providing a connection to non-traditional services.  Your generous donation will have an immediate impact on the lives of the veterans in our community.  You can chose from a one-time donation or please consider making a difference all year long with a monthly donation.  You may also send a check to:
The Joel Fund
822 S. White Street, Suite 106
Wake Forest, NC 27587

Many companies, particularly large corporations, match the gifts their employees give to non-profits. If your company has a matching gifts program, it’s possible you could double your gift’s impact with very little additional effort.

Some companies ask that you complete a simple form and submit it to the non-profit you’ve designated to receive matching funds. When The Joel Fund receives forms like these, we complete a portion of the form and send it back to your company, certifying the receipt of your gift. At that point, your company sends us a check.

Some companies just ask that you submit a form directly to your human resources department. If you are asked forThe Joel Fund’s federal tax ID number, otherwise known as the Employer Identification Number (EIN), please use 47-5179326

Remember, most companies will match a gift given any time during the current calendar year, so if you have already given to The Joel Fund this year, it may not be too late to apply for your company’s match.

Questions about matching gifts? Contact us at

  Donate to The Joel Fund

The Joel Fund sponsors OPERATION A.R.T., a program that will provides art, photography and writing classes to the veterans in our community.  Our vision for OPERATION A.R.T. is to grow to include many different aspects of the arts and humanities.  We want to help veterans on their path to creativity.

Your donation will help give veterans a visual voice.

If you have ideas or suggestions or would like to sponsor a class or a veteran, please contact us.