19 People Describe What It’s Like to Have PTSD

Trauma can change your brain — and for those who go on to develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), this trauma can carry into your everyday life. It’s not something you can “just forget,” and someone’s triggers might not make sense to people who’ve never experienced it. But PTSD is very real, offering daily challenges and making a world Read More

Art Therapy: A Useful Treatment for Veterans With PTSD

They say, “War is hell”. A person never knows what to expect in the heat of battle. One moment the silence is deafening, and the next moment the countryside erupts in percussive explosions with the endless spray of bullets flying everywhere. Sometimes it is hard to tell, under the constant shelling and lifeless bodies strewn Read More

Art & Healing | PTSD

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) represent significant burdens for those afflicted, their caregivers, and military and civilian healthcare delivery systems. New approaches are urgently needed to help active service members suffering from PTSD & TBI thrive on duty and successfully transition to civilian life. The application of creative and expressive therapies Read More

Calm Through Creativity: How Arts Can Aid Trauma Recovery

TRAUMA-INFORMED CARE It takes a lot of effort for the brain to deal with trauma. Whether because of post-traumatic stress disorder or the many adaptive behaviors that victims use instinctively in threatening situations, the traumatized brain is constantly on high-alert, particularly its lower regions, where survival instincts originate. Simple artistic activities like drawing or sculpting Read More

Healing Invisible Wounds: Art Therapy and PTSD

Healing Invisible Wounds: Art Therapy and PTSD Coloring has especially become instrumental as I recover from PTSD.   When I color during therapy, it creates a safe space for me to express painful feelings from my past. Coloring engages a different part of my brain that allows me to process my trauma in a different Read More

Powerful Photos Depict Veterans Who Use Art Therapy To Heal

POSTED ON JUNE 1, 2015 UPDATED ON JUNE 1, 2015 This photo series originally appeared in the February issue of National Geographic magazine. Veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan often return home with wounds that can’t be seen on the surface: brain injuries resulting from the shockwaves that follow explosions. Some veterans, including service members at Walter Read More

What Someone Who Struggles With Mental Illness Wants You To Know

What Someone Who Struggles With Mental Illness Wants You To Know By GREATIST on July 18, 2016   People who have struggled with mental illness share the things they want their significant other to know. Editor’s Note: This article written by Alex Dunne was originally published on Greatist, a digital publication committed to happy and healthy lifestyle choices.   Read More

Majority Of Veteran Suicides Are 50 And Older And We Don’t Know Why

Majority Of Veteran Suicides Are 50 And Older And We Don’t Know Why By TOM BERGER on July 8, 2016      These are deeply disturbing statistics, especially for the Vietnam cohort. On July 7, the Veterans Health Administration released new data about veterans’ suicides, based upon examination of over 55 million veteran records from 1979 to 2014 Read More