19 People Describe What It’s Like to Have PTSD

Trauma can change your brain — and for those who go on to develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), this trauma can carry into your everyday life. It’s not something you can “just forget,” and someone’s triggers might not make sense to people who’ve never experienced it. But PTSD is very real, offering daily challenges and making a world Read More


Pen & Ink Drawing I   Using a permanent ink pen, pencil, blender and paper you will doodle, doodle and doodle! You can be a beginner or experienced artist, anything is possible, one stroke at a time. Students will learn methods to begin a doodle or drawing using different shapes and shading to create a Read More

PTSD Cases Triple

WASHINGTON — More than one in five veterans receiving federal disability payouts suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, a figure that has spiked in the last decade. Veterans Affairs officials told lawmakers Tuesday that the number of disability cases related to PTSD has nearly tripled in that time, from around 345,000 cases in fiscal 2008 to Read More

Music Therapy Helping Marines

Each year thousands of members of the U.S. Armed Forces suffer traumatic brain injuries (TBI). While most TBIs are mild, severe cases can be debilitating both mentally and physically. At Camp Pendleton’s Intrepid Spirit Center, marines are undergoing evidence-based music therapy to treat TBI’s. Working with a board-certified music therapist, sessions help with cognition, memory attention, emotional processing, fine Read More


Are you interested in having a basic understand of a digital camera and basic shooting techniques?  This class will help you answer those questions as well as help you to take more meaningful photographs.  Through this course your photographs will progress from a snap shot to an image reflecting personal artistic decisions.


Foundations to Drawing & Painting   Have you always had an interest in art but maybe you’ve never taken a class?  Then this is the class for you!  This course is designed to help students develop ways to communicate meaningful ideas through drawing and painting.  Students will explore the use of drawing and painting techniques Read More


Heroic Masks of Sculpey   For millennia, masks have provided humanity with the means to express specific qualities of the human condition and its journey and passage through life. Deep Africa has its mesmerizing faces of the “witch” doctor; and today in the west, we have the captivating superheroes of Marvel and DC comics. In Read More


Army veteran uses art to cope with PTSD RYAN WILUSZ Staff Writer   Jan 2, 2018   It felt like a punch to the gut. James Gillon stepped off the plane in 2009 and felt the dry Afghanistan heat bombard his 19-year-old face like an enemy attack. But even more than the heat, he felt uncertain Read More

Students invite veterans to ‘Message of a Mask’ event

ELKO — Everybody has a different story and there are many ways to tell it. That’s the idea that Elko County School District educators, partnered with Great Basin College and the Veterans Resource Center, are conveying to students and veterans alike this January. The Veterans and Students: Message of a Mask event will be held Read More