Iraq War veteran Russell Ault copes through drawing

By Taylor Smith “I think about the guys that didn’t make it,” Ault said. “Why am I on this earth?” They were flames of fiery orange and red that licked the backdrop of the canvas, Russell Ault explained of his painting. The shadowy figure in the center could be any soldier, but the Purple Heart pinned Read More

Art therapy to help veterans heal

Center offers art therapy to help veterans heal from images of war Nicole Grigg 4:24 PM, Oct 17, 2017   St. Petersburg, Fla. – At 93 years old World War II veteran Peter Garino can stand and paint and recount story after story through nine generations.  He volunteers his time painting at the Veterans Art Center Tampa Read More


Army veteran uses art to cope with PTSD RYAN WILUSZ Staff Writer   Jan 2, 2018   It felt like a punch to the gut. James Gillon stepped off the plane in 2009 and felt the dry Afghanistan heat bombard his 19-year-old face like an enemy attack. But even more than the heat, he felt uncertain Read More

Students invite veterans to ‘Message of a Mask’ event

ELKO — Everybody has a different story and there are many ways to tell it. That’s the idea that Elko County School District educators, partnered with Great Basin College and the Veterans Resource Center, are conveying to students and veterans alike this January. The Veterans and Students: Message of a Mask event will be held Read More


This week I had the opportunity to interview a veteran who will be coming with us on Roswell Rotary’s 8th Honor Air trip, just scheduled for May 16, 2016. This is our opportunity to honor WWII, Korean and Vietnam War veterans with a day trip to Washington, D.C. at absolutely no cost to them. John “Paul” Howard served in Read More

Art Therapy: A Useful Treatment for Veterans With PTSD

They say, “War is hell”. A person never knows what to expect in the heat of battle. One moment the silence is deafening, and the next moment the countryside erupts in percussive explosions with the endless spray of bullets flying everywhere. Sometimes it is hard to tell, under the constant shelling and lifeless bodies strewn Read More

Art & Healing | PTSD

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) represent significant burdens for those afflicted, their caregivers, and military and civilian healthcare delivery systems. New approaches are urgently needed to help active service members suffering from PTSD & TBI thrive on duty and successfully transition to civilian life. The application of creative and expressive therapies Read More

Calm Through Creativity: How Arts Can Aid Trauma Recovery

TRAUMA-INFORMED CARE It takes a lot of effort for the brain to deal with trauma. Whether because of post-traumatic stress disorder or the many adaptive behaviors that victims use instinctively in threatening situations, the traumatized brain is constantly on high-alert, particularly its lower regions, where survival instincts originate. Simple artistic activities like drawing or sculpting Read More

Healing Invisible Wounds: Art Therapy and PTSD

Healing Invisible Wounds: Art Therapy and PTSD Coloring has especially become instrumental as I recover from PTSD.   When I color during therapy, it creates a safe space for me to express painful feelings from my past. Coloring engages a different part of my brain that allows me to process my trauma in a different Read More

Powerful Photos Depict Veterans Who Use Art Therapy To Heal

POSTED ON JUNE 1, 2015 UPDATED ON JUNE 1, 2015 This photo series originally appeared in the February issue of National Geographic magazine. Veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan often return home with wounds that can’t be seen on the surface: brain injuries resulting from the shockwaves that follow explosions. Some veterans, including service members at Walter Read More